Viz™ Trauma–AI-Powered Analytics for Improved Trauma Care

Viz Trauma is a groundbreaking new software platform that enables trauma care providers with real-time data visualization and analytics. It is intended to assist clinicians in making faster and more informed decisions, improving patient outcomes, and lowering costs. Viz Trauma analyzes vast volumes of data from many sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), vital signs monitors, and imaging equipment, using artificial intelligence (AI). This information is then displayed in a clear and plain way, allowing clinicians to easily spot trends and patterns.

Key Features

Viz Trauma excels at displaying crucial patient information in real-time. This involves monitoring vital signs, tracking test findings, and visually presenting imaging data. Real-time visualization is an important feature since it helps healthcare providers spot any variations or concerning changes in a patient’s status as soon as they occur. This instant awareness enables clinicians to take appropriate and timely steps, potentially preventing major complications and improving patient outcomes.

The addition of artificial intelligence in Viz Trauma is a game changer. AI systems continually evaluate patient data, discovering patterns and trends that human practitioners could have overlooked. Viz Trauma can create predictions about a patient’s likelihood of complications using AI, providing early warnings and enabling proactive therapies.

These AI-driven insights enable more tailored and successful treatment techniques, adapting care to each patient’s specific needs.

Viz Trauma offers a package of clinical decision support tools that are essential in the high-stakes environment of trauma treatment. Evidence-based recommendations and risk calculators are among the resources available.

Clinicians can use this platform to acquire the most recent medical research, best practices, and data-driven risk assessments. This allows for faster, more informed decisions, ensuring that patients receive the most current, evidence-based treatment available.

Viz Trauma recognizes the need for effective cooperation in trauma care by providing collaboration tools. These capabilities allow professionals participating in a patient's treatment to communicate and share data in real-time.

Coordination across diverse disciplines, from emergency medicine to surgery to radiology, is improved through seamless collaboration, ensuring that the whole care team is on the same page. This results in a more comprehensive and well-coordinated approach to therapy, which eventually leads to better patient outcomes.


One of the most significant advantages of Viz Trauma is its ability to offer real-time, full patient data. This enables clinicians to make better informed and timely judgments. Healthcare providers can swiftly spot changes in a patient’s condition with immediate access to vital signs, lab findings, and imaging data, allowing them to intervene fast. This is especially important in trauma treatment when quick and correct choices can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

The capacity of Viz Trauma to give real-time data and AI-driven insights assists doctors in avoiding needless treatments. The technology has the potential to drastically decrease healthcare expenditures by eliminating over-treatment and the ordering of needless testing. Avoiding problems and complications that may emerge as a result of unneeded surgeries also helps to save money.

Viz Trauma improves workflows by centralizing all essential patient data. Clinicians no longer have to comb through paper records or navigate different electronic systems, saving time and lowering the chance of mistakes. This increased efficiency allows for speedier decision-making and therapy initiation.

Viz Trauma lowers the time and effort necessary to gather, analyze, and interpret information by automating the collection and analysis of patient data. This increase in efficiency allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care and less on administrative responsibilities.

Viz Trauma is a shared platform for healthcare practitioners that enables better communication and cooperation. It enables professionals from different disciplines to access and discuss patient data in real-time.

This shared platform improves care coordination by ensuring that all members of the healthcare team are on the same page when it comes to the patient’s treatment. To minimize misconceptions and mismanagement, effective communication is critical in trauma treatment.

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