VALD stands as a pioneering human measurement technology company, delivering innovative solutions catering to the health and performance needs of athletes, clients, and personnel. The company’s extensive clientele comprises over 1,000 of the world’s most esteemed sporting teams, clinics, universities, hospitals, and defense departments.

At the heart of VALD’s offerings lies its flagship product, the NordBord Hamstring Testing System. Renowned for its non-invasive and objective assessment of hamstring strength, elite athletes and teams employ the NordBord to gauge injury risk and track rehabilitation progress.

In addition to the NordBord, VALD presents an array of other products and services, including VALD Hub, a cloud-based platform that facilitates data management, tracking, and analysis, as well as VALD Academy, a training program empowering users with the necessary skills and knowledge to optimally utilize VALD’s products and services.

Complementing these offerings, VALD Consulting boasts a team of experts equipped to guide users in seamless implementation within their organizations.

Employing a data-driven approach, VALD empowers users to make informed decisions pertaining to health and performance. By furnishing objective insights into human movement, performance, and injury risk, VALD effectively enhances training programs, mitigates injury occurrences, and optimizes overall performance.

Key features of VALD's products and services include their non-invasive nature, rendering them safe and comfortable for individuals of all ages without requiring medical devices. Moreover, the objectivity of their measures eliminates subjective biases and enhances reliability, while cloud-based accessibility ensures seamless usage from any location with internet connectivity, offering a convenient and flexible option for all users.

The potential applications of VALD span across various domains, notably in athletic performance assessment to identify areas for improvement and reduce injury risks. VALD's products and services also serve a crucial role in monitoring rehabilitation progress and facilitating safe returns to peak fitness levels for athletes. Additionally, they play a vital role in injury prevention by pinpointing individuals at risk and implementing preventive measures. Furthermore, VALD supports research endeavors concerning human movement, performance, and injury risk.

Overall, VALD remains at the forefront of human measurement technology, serving as a trusted partner for elite athletes and teams worldwide. With their products and services enhancing performance, minimizing injury risks, and informing health-related decisions, VALD continues to excel as a leading provider in this field.

About VALD

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